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Strong By Design Podcast

Aug 29, 2018

Man boobs…..nobody wants them, yet millions of males deal with this issue. Sure, you can seek medical attention but most likely they will prescribe creams, medicine or even surgery, but there are natural solutions to fix this problem.  Join Coach Chris and Coach Brian of Critical Bench as they discuss lifestyle changes that can help you get rid of your enlarged chest area.


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"Guys are carrying weight in areas that are not typical, if you go back 100 years guys were probably not walking around with man boobs."


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Time Stamps:

2:16 Man boobs, an increasing trend

5:56 Chest fat vs Gynecomastia

9:13 What’s is a normal level of testosterone?

13:39 Are men really becoming more feminine?

16:58 10 Warning signs to determine what type of man boobs your dealing with

18:57 6 Ways to boost testosterone

25:09 How to win a FREE Critical Bench T-Shirt

30:05 The effects of soy

39:01 Exercises to optimize your hormones



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