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Strong By Design Podcast

Dec 19, 2018

What does being an ALPHA Dad mean? Find out on today’s episode as Coach Tonya talks with Chris Lopez, known in social media as the ALPHA Dad. Chris shares, among other things, why he’s called the ALPHA Dad, what an active lifestyle their family have and how he manages an online business even without an internet connection at home. And what’s more, Chris reveal his favorite equipment for exercise and his latest project to help other dads became an ALPHA Dad.


"Strength is a skill just like anything else, it’s like learning a golf the more you do something, the better neurologically you get at it."

-Chris Lopez


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Time Stamps:

01:14 Chris' background, why he's called the ALPHA Dad and moving to Costa Rica

04:45 Living at the edge of the comfort zone and showing the kids how to live with integrity

06:47 What an active lifestyle in the ALPHA Dad's house looks like

09:29 Why Chris loves kettlebells, its origin plus the benefits of using it

14:04 Chris as an entrepreneur and his survival method

15:51 Chris' two favorite kettlebell moves and what they can do to your body

19:30 All about the ALPHA Dad Project and how he helps other dads be a model to their kids by living a healthy lifestyle and become an ALPHA Dad too

24:36 Chris’ biggest accomplishments and how to have an online business without an internet connection at home

26:15 What moving to Costa Rica has done to Chris' life and how he became successful in building his business around his life, his family and the things that he loves



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