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Strong By Design Podcast

Sep 5, 2018

On today’s show Coach Chris sits down with Michelle DiCapua, Bikini competitor, CrossFitter and police officer. Michelle shares how being physically fit is essential for first responders. Whether it’s running after a suspect or performing CPR your physical capabilities play a huge role in how you protect and serve your community.  Tune in to hear Michelle’s tips on fitness for first responders.


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"I think that if you choose the career to be a Police Officer or EMS, Firefighter, Military, anything like that, you need to be fit... Not just for yourself but for your co-workers and for your community."



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Time Stamps:

1:25 How Michelle met the Critical Bench crew

3:27 Why first responders should work on their fitness

5:16 Using the stress of exercise to mimic high-stress situations at work

6:46 Workout bare minimums for first responders

8:11 Confidence and a commanded presence in dangerous situations

11:59 Michelle’s talks Martial Arts and CrossFit

16:57 Hacks for healthy eating when you work crazy hours

19:56 A look at Michelle’s shift hours over the years

24:55 Michelle’s mindset, 4 days out from a Bikini Competition




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