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Strong By Design Podcast

Sep 16, 2020

True strength comes from life experience and perseverance.

Our guest today has both. Barb Ladimir is a super mom, workout fanatic, entrepreneur and all around badass.

She is living her passion and helping hundreds of women in her community transform their lives. Her business, Fitness320, is a bootcamp style program in the greater Tampa, FL area and doesn’t need a building to reach people, they come to you.

Fitness320 provides a variety of affordable fitness classes for all skill levels, so anyone can harness their “Power Within” and embrace a healthier, stronger and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Find out Barb’s big secret giving her the strength to kick butt in life, stay in amazing shape, be an incredible mom and grow her business… hint, it’s in the name Fitness320.


"Who doesn't want to be strong as a mother? Especially the mom at home changing poopy diapers." -Barb Ladimir


Time Stamps

0:25 - Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast

3:14 – Barb Ladimir on growing up as a fitness enthusiast

9:58 – Ways to find yourself again when you’re feeling lost

14:29 – Ways to turn bad habits into good ones

16:23 – Barb Ladimir talks about ‘Fitness 320’

22:03 – Why ‘Fitness 320’ is more than just a fitness boot camp

25:56 – The connection between exercise and healthy eating habits

33:38 – Barb Ladimir talks about transforming women’s lives through ‘Strong as a Mother’ program

41:09 – Who is the ‘Strong as a Mother’ program for?

47:02 – Why core strength is so important

52:10 – The power of breathing properly

54:56 – The importance of knowing the 'Why' behind the 'How'

1:02:00 – Get in touch with Barb Ladimir through her social media channels




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