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Strong By Design Podcast

Feb 26, 2020

Stephen Christian, the former lead vocalist and songwriter of Anberlin, one of the greatest alternative (Christian) rock bands, is as talented and brilliant as musicians get. His writing and vocal style is a combination that is unlike any other, one you'll never forget.

Anberlin having sold more than a million albums in their 12-year existence, this Floridian band has toured the world with some of the biggest names and their music has peaked in the top ten on various Billboard charts.

Stephen, a devout follower of Jesus Christ, used (and continues to use) his talents to spread the word of hope through writing and singing about real life events and the struggles and victories we face or will face.

On today's episode, SBD Co-Host and Anberlin-fan Brian Klepacki sat down with Stephen Christian Arnold and had an awesome chat about passion, purpose, struggles, and hope.

You will not want to skip over this inspiring and raw conversation that really dug down deep into the 'stuff' we all carry with us each day.

(And if you haven't heard any of their music, you definitely need to add Anberlin to your playlist. They rock!)


"I am waking up and my teeth are clenched, my hands are squeezed so tight there's no blood in them... Where are you God, what is happening!?" -Stephen Christian Arnold


Time Stamps

0:25 – Get to know Anberlin lead singer, Stephen Christian Arnold

3:48 – Stephen Christian Arnold on how he started in music

5:56 – When passion leads to burnout

7:00 – What’s kept Anberlin together for 12 years?

9:16 – Stephen Christian Arnold shares where he finds musical inspiration

13:19 – Here’s how his song writing style reflects who he is

15:42 – What were you wrestling with God about?

18:45 – Stephen Christian Arnold gives an encouraging message to those who are wrestling with God

20:43 – Do you take your faith to work?

24:05 – Stephen Christian Arnold shares what called him into pastoral ministry

31:08 – Signs you are right where you’re supposed to be

34:01 – How do you want people to remember Anberlin?

35:03 – His ideal face-to-face conversation with God

37:33 – Stephen Christian Arnold on walking in God’s plan

42:03 – Stephen Christian Arnold shares some parting words of inspiration


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