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Strong By Design Podcast

Feb 5, 2020

What exactly is Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine?  In what may seem like a huge ocean of information that only medical doctors could possibly understand there is a lot about this type of medicine and therapy that you really MUST know and can easily understand…

At the forefront of Stem Cell therapy is Dr. Scot Gray, a serial entrepreneur.  He built and sold a successful chiropractic and decompression practice, The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers in Marion, Ohio and now owns Gray Marketing Enterprises, LLC.  His Stem Cell One has helped start stem cell clinics in multiple states and is a partner in Regenerative Health Centers of Florida and CellSpark.

Dr. Gray sits down with Coach Tonya Fines to discuss the massive potential of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine on modern day medical practice and looking ahead into the future of medicine and how we may want to look at “healing and disease prevention!”

He is also the proud father of 2 wonderful girls and husband to his beautiful bride Jenn.

He now focuses on delivering done-for-you marketing and turn-key systems fir doctors using stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine to take their practices and the health of their communities to the next level. 


"These cells aren't going in, becoming part of you and building a new me." -Dr Scot Gray


Time stamps

0:25 – Get to know Dr. Scot Gray

2:57 – How he got into regenerative medicine

6:25 – Dr. Scot Gray on why he shifted from chiropractic to regenerative medicine

10:58 – Stem cell therapy: What you need to know

12:57 – Types of stem cells

24:27 – How does the body heal itself?

30:10 – Importance of making good health decisions

36:30 – Who can benefit from stem cell therapy?

42:04 – The difference between cord blood and stem cells

46:17 – Where and how to start stem cell therapy?

48:38 – Everything you need to know about Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome

57:34 – Key takeaways from the episode

1:06:05 – Are we still in dark ages as to knowing the power of the body to heal itself?

1:18:31 – Where can we find more from Dr Gray?





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