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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 22, 2020

Juanita Lolita … yes that is her real name, is a wife, mother and grandmother who happens to be one of the BEST stand-up comics we’ve seen in a long time.  Her Latin flair and hillbilly background are something of her signature style that leave her audience in stitches and side-splitting laugher WITHOUT profanity.

Juanita was voted "Best of the Bay" with Creative Loafing Magazine, a finalist for "Florida’s Funniest Person" Rooftop comedy and recently, a finalist in "The World Series of Comedy" Las Vegas and she has been featured on NBC, ABC and the CTN.

Her comedy focuses on observations from everyday life that we can all relate to and she closes out each show with her much anticipated ‘list of things she doesn’t understand’.

But what separates her from the rest is her Christian faith, her love for God and bringing some much-needed light into what can be a very dark place, the world of comedy. Grab some tissues and get ready to LAUGH!


"You never know what God has planned for you until you take that first step." -Juanita Lolita


Time Stamps

0:59 – Get to know the ‘REAL’ Juanita Lolita

3:42 – Juanita Lolita on how she became a stand-up comedian

6:54 – Setting the new standard for stand-up comedy

10:41 – How Juanita Lolita uses comedy and humor to be a disciple

12:20 – Why you should stand up for your beliefs in the face of opposition

15:08 – Juanita Lolita reveals the inspiration behind her content

22:50 – How she knew she’d found her calling as a stand-up comedian

24:50 – Importance of trusting God’s plan

31:53 – Ways to seek His guidance

40:33 – What’s next for the one and only Juanita Lolita?

45:06 – Juanita Lolita’s official website and social media channels




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