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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 8, 2020

For all of the men and women who want to shift stubborn body fat, without spending hours of exercising… this episode is for you!

Life is hard. Between working and living, rushing around trying to squeeze in gym time or a workout in your already busy day seems insane. Or imagine also starving yourself on the latest extreme diet favored by a Hollywood star.

What if there was a way to quickly and easily improve your flexibility while TORCHING fat and building STRENGTH?

Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

Well... Coach Brian Klepacki discovered a way of blending flexibility training with a calorie-burning movement pattern you’ve never seen before.

On today's very special episode, Holistic Health Practitioner Tonya Fines sat down with Functional Movement Specialist Brian Klepacki and talked how this new weight loss / flexibility training style is unlike anything else out there and is catching like wildfire.

Listen in to this educational conversation and start learning on how you can stretch your way lean through this ground-breaking method.


"It all comes down to that stretch, tapping into that length of the muscle where you're able to recruit more muscle fibers..."  -Brian Klepacki


Time Stamps

3:32 – Most popular New Year’s resolution revealed

4:27 – What is weight loss?

8:45 – Three lies we’ve been told about weight loss

10:44 – Everything you need to know about crash diet

13:21 – 12-week intense program: Does it work?

15:28 – How much cardio do you need to lose weight?

17:51 – Best ways to help you lose weight

21:02 – Benefits of interval training

23:05 – Exactly how does the body lose weight?

26:28 – Why stretching is super important for weight loss

28:44 – The many types of stretching

31:30 – The difference between mobility and flexibility

36:15 – How metabolic stretching can help you with your weight loss

40:11 – Other benefits of stretching

44:56 – Torch fat and build strength by doing THIS!

49:07 – Where you can go to learn more about the Metabolic Stretching program




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