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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 1, 2020

Living the life you’re dreaming of takes more than just dreams… it takes work, commitment and accountability. Yup, just those 3 things can dramatically change your life forever.

So, if we all know that, why do most people find themselves right back at square one by Valentine’s Day each year???

Because having a clear vision for your life takes planning, it requires writing things down and it desperately needs support from people you can count on! Listen in closely as Coaches Chris, Brian and Tonya unpack this super huge topic and shine a bright light on living the best year of your life in 2020!


“But WHY is that important? A ‘why’ keeps you accountable to yourself.” -Coach Tonya Fines


Time Stamps

4:11 – Best way to reach out to the Critical Bench team

8:15 – Why some people rain on your parade

10:38 – Coaches Tonya, Chris and Brian share their failed New Year’s resolutions

15:22 – Importance of clear goal setting

21:19 – Steps for setting clear, definite goals

23:30 – The power of writing down your goals

25:43 – What is your “WHY”?

30:51 – Difference between a “WHY” and “COMPELLING WHY”

32:45 – Ways to stay accountable with your goals

36:18 – The importance of having an accountability partner

40:24 – Why it’s important to invest in yourself

47:01 – Things you can do today to achieve your goals




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