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Strong By Design Podcast

Dec 11, 2019

If you could plan and live the ideal day and change your future, would you?

Never mind a trip to Bora-Bora, celebrity date or driving a Ferrari… think much bigger.

Living a life of purpose, meaning and impact is much easier than you might think. With some laser focus on the mind, body and spirit, it’s very possible to have an incredible 24-hours.

Chris Wilson and Brian Klepacki co-host this thought-provoking episode. Life is filled with regrets, what ifs and should haves but when each day is lived purposefully, things change quickly.

It’s time to live Strong by Design, influence the world around you and re-shape your legacy!


"It's a mindset shift is what it is... you cannot be depressed or sad and be grateful at the same time and gratitude is described as one of the most powerful emotions, even greater than love."  -Chris Wilson


Time Stamps

4:47 – The golden rule of true health

7:34 – The MOST important thing to do to start our day

12:01 – What are the best times to speak to God?

15:23 – How THIS one thing can change your life

18:23 – Tips to cultivate your most powerful emotion during tough times

21:14 – The power of giving thanks

24:19 – Importance of movement

30:44 – Maximize your productivity by doing THIS

31:33 – Nutrition: What to eat and WHY it’s so important

33:55 – What is the 80/20 rule?

39:31 – The importance of rest and recovery

44:14 – How does deep breathing affect emotions?

45:27 – Why structure creates freedom

50:52 – The power of the pen

54:37 – Key takeaways to live a healthier, happier life




The Perfect Day Formula


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