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Strong By Design Podcast

Oct 16, 2019

Our lowest moments in life can be used to inspire change and victory in others.

Justin Feldman found his strength in his darkest times and now uses his struggles to help others overcome all odds.

Performing at your best in any area of life requires not only a healthy mind but also a physically active lifestyle. This is typically referred to as the Mind-Body Connection.

By using his passion for fitness and his red-hot entrepreneurial spirit, Justin is unlocking greatness in his clients.

These laptop warriors are excelling in business and in the gym and transforming their lives with the Wealthy Body Academy. Get ready to hear a very personal and inspiring story from Justin as Mike Westerdal and Chris Wilson co-host.



"With a lot of people... they will neglect the one thing that they can control which is their health and their body.."

-Justin Feldman



Time Stamps

1:22 – Justin Feldman’s backstory and how he got into fitness

3:30 - His weight gain story and how it took a toll on him mentally

6:40 – How he got himself back on track

9:21 – His body transformation, and how fitness changed his life

11:15 – What inspires him to go deeper into health and fitness

17:14 – Everything happens for a reason

19:18 – Things start shifting in a good direction

20:12 – How Justin started the Wealthy Body Academy

22:49 – Importance of having a mentor, and surrounding yourself with the right people

29:00 – Taking a leap of faith and making your own timing work

38:06 – Why he created the Wealthy Body Academy

41:43 – Why putting your health first should be a priority

45:35 – Mental health is the biggest issue individuals face today

50:12 – Trusting God’s timing

56:09 – The power of working with passion

1:00:49 – How Justin can help you boost your energy and productivity

1:09:24 – Where you can go to find Justin (Instagram: @thejustinfeldman)




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