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Strong By Design Podcast

Sep 25, 2019

To look at Michelle Klepacki what you see is a beautiful, strong, vibrant woman full of life and with a MEGAWATT smile.  What you don’t see and what you would never guess is her incredible story of beating insurmountable odds TWICE! 

Michelle Klepacki was twice diagnosed with 2 of the rarest forms of cancer at very pivotal points in a young woman life.  Not only did she beat both cancers, but she is a true and authentic example of what Hope and Courage are. 

Michelle’s inspiring story sends a very poignant message about how God is always guiding us, even when we are not necessarily listening … He IS guiding us all the time and carrying us through our biggest storms so that we may live our purpose.



“It’s amazing looking back, how God has his hand over me even though we weren’t totally connected.” ~Michelle Klepacki




9:12 A life altering diagnosis

11:37 An aggressive & “first of its kind” treatment protocol

12:44 Remission after a month of treatment

13:41 Resuming normal teenage life after the storm

15:55 How this trauma impacted the family dynamic

16:59 The support of a small town coming together

18:29 March 2001 … life changed again

21:41 “The angriest I that I could be at that time.”

24:56 College life comes to an abrupt halt

27:57 “You just have bad luck” … her doctor’s words

29:43 “Now what are we doing?  What’s next?”

32:38 Michelle wakes up towards the end of her surgery before they are done!!!

33:19 The first thing Michelle says to her doctors after her kidney surgery

35:50 What her 21st year looked like

40:18 “In the midst of it I knew I was going to be fine.”

44:48 “It’s amazing looking back how God has his hand over me even though we weren’t totally connected.”

46:23 How Michelle knew God was guiding her

46:45 Michelle meets Adam Sandler & spends 1/2 day with him on the set of Mr. Deeds

55:22 “I actually got SAVED in college & it was kind of a rare moment.”

56:36 Michelle’s vision for the kind of husband she wanted … NASHVILLE!!!

59:12 Michelle finds her southern gentleman in the north

1:02:12 “… they are little nuggets, they’re little downloads from God.”  *Tonya's FAVE quote from the whole interview*  

1:02:47 Michelle’s incredible perspective on her cancer, God, Hope and your purpose

1:03:59 Tribe Essentials – where they can go to find Tribe Essentials products.

1:08:29 What words does Michelle have for parents with children who are very sick

1:11:25 What words would Michelle have for a young girl getting the same diagnosis that she had at 14



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