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Strong By Design Podcast

Sep 18, 2019

Ever have that feeling of, “Ugh, I’m SO stressed out… I don’t think I can do this anymore!”?

Most of us get caught up in life’s dead ends and we feel trapped and helpless. We want great things for ourselves but our day to day living doesn’t quite match our dreams. Worse, this misaligned way of life leads to anxiety, overwhelm and frustration that we can’t break out of...

In these moments we need guidance and direction from someone who has been there and overcome the crippling effects of anxiety attacks to achieve monster success.

Now touted as the “World’s Most Disciplined Man,” Craig Ballantyne helps millions of people all over the world beat this frustration cycle and rise to greatness.

Craig is a best-selling author and CEO of Early to Rise Publishing. He is living proof of what structure can do to beat anxiety, get back on your feet and become UNSTOPPABLE in business and in life!

Coach Chris Wilson has the great pleasure of speaking to one of his mentors as Craig uncovers what holds most people back from their BEST selves and from a winning mindset to live an extraordinary life.


"Just make sure you have accountability because we have all of the information we need to be successful, we're just not using it properly because we don't have accountability."


"I hear from so many entrepreneurs who are really frustrated, 'I got a baby and I'm not getting all my work done..' How can you expect to get all of your work done when you have a baby that depends on you 24-7, you have just set bad expectations in your head..."

-Craig Ballantyne


Time Stamps

3:15 Craig’s narrative and the incident that changed his life forever

7:00 Craig shares his honest experiences with anxiety

9:23 Make the most of your time

13:14 Why it takes more discipline to be a night owl

16:20 Season of life - your own life cycle has its seasons

19:28 Become smarter with your time

22:26 Follow Craig Ballantyne on Instagram for daily inspiration

23:47 Free up your time by taking advantage of other resources

27:01 Craig’s “Unstoppable” book and where to purchase it

28:42 How important it is to be blessed by the presence of kind souls who not only journey with us, but also help and hold us accountable

30:30 Craig’s advice to those who are looking for a new job

34:10 Natural approaches for easing anxiety

40:03 It's the little habits that can change your life



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