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Strong By Design Podcast

Sep 4, 2019

In a world of non-stop hustle, we often find ourselves maxed out in day to day life. All of the little things we say ‘YES’ to without realizing how it’s killing us inside. Most of us are guilty of fulfilling the needs of others while disregarding what fills us up… what fuels our spirit and what quenches our thirst for life.

Like in an airplane, you must first put the mask on yourself before your loved ones. What good are you to others if you’re failing to devote time for personal growth?

Coach Chris sits down with Mind Love podcast host Melissa Monte to share an insightful conversation about the POWER and FREEDOM in saying the word ‘No,’ being bolder and how life changing that can be.

If you’re causing yourself pain by suppressing what you want most just to please the needs of others and make their feelings more important than your own, get ready to Fill Your Cup and begin acting on your own ambitions and dreams!


"It's our relationship with our self and how many of us sit there and spend time before we start doing a lot of work on ourselves to sit there and say 'what really lights me up, what are my triggers, what are the things I hate doing'..."


"It's really hard to have motivation to do anything if you don't know why you're doing and that includes those little intricacies within any mission."

-Melissa Monte


Time Stamps

3:10 Melissa’s story – loss of loved ones, disorders and bad relationships

7:45 What Melissa has learned most by Oversharing and Connecting with her audience

10:30 People pleasing and not being CLEAR about what you want most

13:30 Logging your thoughts, goals, feelings to move you towards real growth

16:30 Emotions rooted in childhood – how this hugely impacts our decisions as adults

22:45 The biggest influences in kid’s lives – What builds true resilience in young people?

25:00 Are young people today MORE or LESS resourceful than our Grandparents?

30:00 Allowing yourself to be more connected in conversation

32:20 Saying NO doesn’t have to be mean or rude – how to deliver the WHY with your NO

35:55 Scheduling ‘Yourself’ In TO DO the things that Fill You Up Most

40:00 Is our brain hardwired to focus on the negatives? To identify with defeat and negativity first?

43:00 What can we learn from kids - living and seeing the world more like children

44:20 Melissa’s husband does the Human Flag 😊 Guinness World Record???

47:00 Best ways to connect with Melissa Monte’s – her social channels





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