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Strong By Design Podcast

Jul 24, 2019

If you’re in your 40s, 50s or 60s and physically not at your best, this episode is for you!

It’s time to STOP telling yourself, “I’m just getting older…blah, blah, blah!” Ripped After 40 expert trainer Gary Walker visited the Critical Bench COMPOUND to shed some serious light on the mindset of the Over 40 crowd.

When life gets in the way with family and career and you only make time for everything and everyone else… bad things happen. FACT - If you never devote time to yourself your body goes to crap. This scenario is so common that even some of the coaches here at Critical Bench have fallen victim to it.

Life is absolutely far too short to spend it unhappy and depressed about your outward physical appearance and overall health and wellness.

Coach Chris was honored to sit across from Gary as he gets personal with his lifelong journey in fitness and breaks down the details of his super popular TriCon training that revolutionized his approach to lifting weights and is helping thousands around the world!


"And then you go into the Tri-Con reps.. bringing the weight down into the mid-range and you're holding it for 10-seconds and you're contracting the crap out of that muscle as hard as possible.."


"Everyone's anatomy is so different, I want you to incorporate deadlifts but do what's comfortable and do something you can do correctly without injuring yourself.

-Gary Walker


Time Stamps

1:40 Get to know Gary Walker’s journey in fitness – how he got started

4:59 Gary did not care for bodybuilding at all but he did it to “learn” about it

7:15 How Gary used his bodybuilding sponsors to give his family fun trips

8:20 Cheat meals and stage ready foods

10:50 Gary’s shift in training and nutrition philosophy in his mid-30s

12:40 Gary’s awesome Tri-Con Training explained

18:20 How Gary eats and stays super lean and muscular

21:00 Lifestyle changes over band-aid fixes for optimizing hormonal function

24:50 Gary’s 2-step approach for guys looking to maintain weight as they age

27:15 Guess what, Gary eats cake!

29:20 Extreme diets don’t work for most people – thinking long term

33:10 Change is scary for people – get the little wins

34:38 Gary’s workout schedule breakdown

39:00 Take the 30-60-90 day approach to hit goals

40:00 How vitally important rest, recovery and sleep is to your body

44:44 Overfeeding that BIG appetite – best eating tips and knowing your food limits

47:00 Episode recap and a HUGE thank you to Gary Walker!




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