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Strong By Design Podcast

Jun 26, 2019

All of us have a story to tell...

While some stories are more painful or filled with more struggle than others it's important to understand that we all have something to say in this life.

Justin Schenck from the Growth Now Movement podcast visited the Critical Bench Compound and sat down with Coach Chris to pull back the curtain in his own life and share some deeply personal struggles and pain that ultimately led to triumph.

His show is dedicated to speaking with incredible men and women who have amazing stories of growth to help others live out their dreams.

Justin is a now a highly sought after public speaker who is the Founder of and also created his own live event called the Growth Now Movement Live.


"Life is happening for you and not to you.. As things are happening, I go okay, what is this doing for me versus what is this doing to me and it's just getting out of that victim mindset.."


"If there was a senior superlative for least likely to succeed it would have been me!"

Justin Schenck


Time Stamps


1:24 Sometimes things just work out perfectly!

3:00 Finding out about the Growth Now Movement

4:10 Justin’s story - he didn’t come from the best of circumstances

5:45 His Mom and Dad struggle with personal demons

8:10 Justin’s relationship with his Dad during and after prison

9:30 Your story is still worth sharing, don’t compare it to others

10:45 Getting out of the victim mindset – you are in control

11:45 Justin’s Mom story of addiction and his last words to her

13:30 Justin finally goes through the pain of loss and his shift

16:30 What if you don’t have a desire to impact the world?

18:40 The elephant in the room – the most important thing

22:45 The biggest influences in your life – not always someone you know

23:50 Justin’s most influential people in his life

26:35 How Justin uses visualization and the show Full House

29:09 Drafting behind someone who is going where you want to be

31:54 Transformation and creating new habits – how long should it take?

36:40 Justin’s thinking behind his GNM LIVE event and Public Speaking

43:30 Actively listening and better engaging with others

46:00 Justin gets a REALLY long email from a Strip Club Promoter

48:00 Answering someone honestly when they ask how you’re doing

49:10 A challenge from Justin

53:05 What’s NEXT for Justin? 10X your life – The Growth Now Mastermind




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