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Strong By Design Podcast

Dec 28, 2022

If you never dig deep to uncover and deal with your pain, whatever that may be, you can never begin the healing process. 

Our guest today Doug Smith succumbed to his past, most notably the loss of his mother and sister. Doug was such a driven go getter that he let himself get lost in work and his career, never allowing himself to grieve the loss of those he loved most. 

And this came at a great cost… Find out how dark things got for Doug, what rock bottom was like for him and what he had to do to recover and get his life back on track. He has since gone on to BIG things in his community and beyond! 

This final episode of 2022 is for all of you that are hurting from past traumas and loss of loved ones… Remember, there is always hope and a way to come back from terrible loss and a painful past. 


“My life was just filled with all this grief. But my therapist said ‘Doug, I know you think you’ve grieved and moved past some of these things but you can’t say goodbye to something that you’ve never said hello to. And he said, I think you need to start diving into some of these deeper root issues in your life’… so I started grieving for the first time.” -- Doug Smith 


Time Stamps   

01:10 – Welcome to the 'Strong By Design' podcast 

03:19 – Meet today’s special guest, Doug Smith 

06:15 – Doug openly shares his personal anxiety attack experience 

10:34 – The power of giving yourself time to grieve 

16:26 – Doug shares the triggers of his anxiety attack and tips for coping with it 

22:20 – Rhythms of rest: Why it’s important to take time off 

28:05 – The importance of learning when to say ‘no’ 

32:40 – ‘Light of Life Rescue Mission’: Transforming lives by providing food and shelter 

40:02 – Doug recounts how he got into the podcast industry 

45:45 – The power of processing your emotions through journaling 

50:27 – Where you can go to connect with Doug Smith 




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