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Strong By Design Podcast

Dec 14, 2022

What effect does marijuana have on the brain itself and the chemical activity happening at the neuron receptor sites?

Over the last 10+ years smoking marijuana has become a widely accepted drug used recreationally and prescribed by doctors in some cases. It has become big business.

But no one seems to be talking about the negative implications attached to using this carcinogenic drug that is highly addictive, is as harmful as tobacco and has long term impact on the brain, especially on younger developing brains.

Internal medicine physician Dr. Annette Bosworth (Dr. Boz) returns to the Strong By Design podcast show to speak with host Chris Wilson about her scientifically backed research. This conversation is based on a recent 90-minute webinar she made showcasing the consequences of chronic marijuana use.


“Marijuana is a great example of how just compartmentalizing one organ would leave you missing the bigger punch line of what this molecule really does to the development of proper human, and the healing that people really want it to do but the evidence is not there.” -- Dr. Boz - Annette Bosworth


Time Stamps

00:28 - Welcome to the 'Strong By Design' podcast
03:48 - Meet today's special guest, Dr. Boz 
07:02 - Dr. Boz gets real about marijuana and its effect on brain health
20:43 - Marijuana use among youth: Is it safe?
27:03 - Hippocampal growth: Dr. Boz on why it's crucial to educate teens about marijuana
34:55 - Discover other factors associated with blunted development of hippocampus 
41:33 - Dr. Boz on hippocampus damage, and how to heal injured brains
44:04 - Learn how marijuana impacts the cannabinoid receptors of the brain
50:48 - How long does marijuana stay in your brain?




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