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Strong By Design Podcast

Dec 7, 2022

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  We’ve all heard the old adage and know exactly what it means. Good, bad and anything in between will remain off the record. 

But how does this approach work in our everyday life? 

Ultimately this is awful advice for how to live your life in the real world.   

There comes a time when you must look into the mirror and live by a higher standard in your personal and professional life. Your character becomes highly valuable and can be the one thing that makes you or wrecks you. 

Coach Chris Wilson discusses this essential core value for Critical Bench (there are 7) with some personal stories and insights about what he refers to as the backbone of human existence, integrity. 


“If there is no backbone or bedrock to be grounded in as a person or grounded to in a business or organization of any kind, how can you have long-term success? How can you ever have great achievement?” - Chris Wilson 


Time Stamps  

00:40 – Welcome to the 'Strong By Design' podcast 

03:48 – Are YOU a person of character? 

11:30 – Host Chris Wilson shares personal examples of behaviors that lack integrity or require a high degree of integrity 

24:13 – The importance of integrity in business and business relationships 

29:35 – What it means to live in alignment 

35:44 – 10 integrity quotes that will empower you 

42:05 – Chris shares a powerful key takeaway from the episode 


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