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Strong By Design Podcast

Aug 24, 2022

It may be one of the simplest and most truthful health claims ever… you are what you eat. Especially when it comes to sugar and a poor diet. 

Eat doughnuts, French fries, pizza and ice cream on a regular basis and you will look like a walking fast food advertisement. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables, whole fresh foods and high-quality proteins and fats and your body will turn heads at the beach. 

Sounds simple yet most of us struggle with sensible nutrition advice and find ourselves enjoying far too many high calorie sugary treats. We are literally addicted to bad food. 

Sadly, our culture has made our enjoyment of food a very dangerous activity for decades resulting in food related disease and obesity that’s off the charts! 

High sugar, deep fried fat and overly processed foods will transform you into a ticking time bomb but our special guest today on Strong By Design is an integrative herbalist, nutrition educator, author and wellness coach. Discover how Jovanka Ciares is leading the charge on health in the land of abundance with her Get Off Sugar program. 


“Every choice you made – what you feed your mind, body, and soul – eventually leads to a state of wellness.” - Jovanka Ciares 


Time Stamps  

0:52 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

03:54 – Get to know today’s special guest, Jovanka Ciares 

05:49 – The truth about sugar: What’s the difference between natural vs. artificial sugar 

09:00 –The true meaning of wellness 

13:41 – Sugar addiction: Jovanka on why is sugar so addictive 

18:18 – How sugar impacts your immune system 

23:00 – Discover the 5 foods that are surprisingly high in sugar 

25:14 – Jovanka reveals simple ways to stop sugar cravings 

33:02 – The dangers of consuming too much sugar 

38:58 – Jovanka on reclaiming your wellness with herbal plants and herbs 

51:49 – What to expect in the ‘Get Off Sugar’ program 

53:24 – Where you can go to connect with Jovanka Ciares 





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