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Strong By Design Podcast

Jul 13, 2022

Most people will never run 26.2 miles. Only a very small percentage of the population are willing to push themselves to that extreme level of endurance. 

Not only is that distance intimidating physically, the mental demand may be even more jaw dropping for any aspiring competitive athletes. 

Today’s guest, Dave Frazier, is a longtime friend of SBD host, Jared Haley, and shares some sound advice when it comes to taking control of your health and training for the world’s most popular foot race, a marathon. 


"The key is to just go slower… If you feel like 'ugh, I’m not just gonna make it' -- you're either going too fast or you've been going so long that you need some fuel to keep going."
- Dave Frazier 


Time Stamps  

0:40 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast 

01:26 – Get to know today’s special guest, Dave Frazier 

06:36 – Dave shares the major changes he made in his diet and nutrition 

10:21 – Importance of having a healthy relationship with food 

12:00 – Dave recounts his journey toward fitness 

17:40 – What training for a marathon looks like 

26:47 – The importance of proper nutrition, hydration, and following a training plan 

34:17 – Dave talks about lessons learned from the new marathon training plan 

42:29 – Discover the challenges he faces as a marathon runner 

51:03 – Dave’s advice to aspiring marathon runners 



The video that started his thought process:

Here’s the site I got my training plan and a ton of other helpful resources from:


Connect w/ Dave: 


Connect w/ CriticalBench: