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Strong By Design Podcast

Jun 22, 2022

One thing is for sure, we are all designed differently. 

The definition of temperament: a person’s or animal’s nature, especially as it permanently affects their behavior. 

In this façade-removing episode of the Strong By Design podcast show, guest Jared Haley and host Chris Wilson discuss what Jared refers to as the BIG ugly: Who we actually are and who we portray ourselves to be in the world. 

Both guys reveal their personal Enneagram test results and take a closer look at how to truly know ourselves on a deeper level and understand that God designed us all with a plan and a purpose…  


"As you learn about yourself, you learn what your weaknesses and strengths are so that you can develop and get better, and not so you can use it as an excuse." - Jared Haley 


Time Stamps  

01:09 - Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast 

05:10 – Temperament: What is it and why it’s important to know your personality type 

10:44 – Jared Haley and Chris Wilson on building better relationships by understanding personality types 

16:38 – The Enneagram Personality Test: Jared and Chris talk about their experience 

20:19 – Jared and Chris share the results of the Enneagram test 

26:26 – Discover the 9 Enneagram personality types 

34:28 – Advantages and disadvantages of learning your personality type 

36:22 – Jared and Chris on our reactions towards others in stressful times 

46:23 – Living behind a façade: Who are you, really? 

50:12 – Why having a ‘safe space’ is important 

57:16 – The power of admitting failure 

1:00:03 – Jared and Chris on how to become the best version of yourself 


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