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Strong By Design Podcast

Jun 8, 2022


“Real heroes are all around us. They face challenges with fear and grace.” Our special guest today on the Strong By Design podcast show is the embodiment of selflessness, courage, faith, and inspiration. 
“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.” (Maya Angelou) Matthew Miller, also affectionately known as Superman, shares how God prepared him to do something BRAVE and HEROIC for the sister he prayed God would provide when he was a young boy. His story is inspiring, touching, and educational. 
Matt’s incredible story paints a beautiful picture of how God placed him on this earth to accomplish many tasks. One such task was to save his sister. God was developing him for a long time for a unique calling. When God calls, He fully equips you to accomplish His work and will for your life. 
You are in for a real treat as Jo Miller interviews her hero and husband Superman. We hope and pray you learn a lot, enjoy the episode, share the podcast, and give it a 5-star review. Thank you for your support. 


"She’s family, and I feel so blessed to have been in a position where we didn’t have to have her on the list and wait for months or years, hoping we could find a kidney.”
- Matt 'Superman' Miller 


Time Stamps  

01:20 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast 

02:41 - Get to know today’s special guest, Matt 'Superman' Miller 

06:53 – Matt recalls his first meeting with his wife, Jo Miller 

11:33 – What was life like for Matt before the kidney donation 

20:03 – Matt shares his experience of the kidney donation process 

25:28 – The emotional and mental health support before the surgery 

27:35 – What makes him decide to donate his kidney 

29:11 – Matt shares his precautions and preparations before kidney donation 

37:06 – Discover the risks of becoming a living kidney donor 

42:04 – Matt recounts the day of surgery 

50:05 – Matt shares what recovery was like after a living kidney donation 

58:08 – Matt on working out and lifting weights after the surgery 

1:07:48 – Life after kidney donation: life changes and going forward 

1:11:56 – Matt’s relationship with God after the kidney donation 




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