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Strong By Design Podcast

May 4, 2022

Overcoming the victim mindset begins with you and some accountability.

If you see yourself as someone who does not have control over their own life, that everyone is responsible for your feelings, actions and results, then you are suffering from the victim mentality.

Your actions can absolutely dictate what does or does not happen to you.

In life it is necessary to get uncomfortable to change and to grow. Having the hard talks when you don't want to and the necessary confrontations in the workplace, at home and in any meaningful relationship.

Today on SBD coach Chris Wilson shares his personal struggles and successes with accountability and what in his opinion are the best 'simple' strategies to begin holding yourself accountable in life.


"We must train ourselves to use new language in our own heads. The words we use internally matter. What you tell yourself repeatedly you eventually believe... right or wrong." -Chris Wilson


Time Stamps

00:00 – The true meaning of living in the present moment

1:17 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

7:19 – Victim mindset: Ways to navigate through it

11:44 – The power of knowing your ‘WHY’

14:34 – The importance of living in the moment

16:59 – Host Chris Wilson on dealing with difficult times in life

19:43 – Discover the best strategies to get out of the victim mindset

25:38 – The power of positive self-talk

26:40 – The importance of being grateful



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