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Strong By Design Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

Our most precious gift is not parked in our driveway, on our finger or hanging in our closet.

And although we may be quick to list off our most cherished loved ones, closest friends and beautiful children, it’s not that either…

The one thing money just cannot buy is time.

Time is the one thing that is limited and none of us has more time than another in a given day but we can "create" more time by how we use it.

This first ever solo podcast on the Strong By Design podcast show explores how we all can best use our most precious gift, how to recognize it’s value and properly respect it in our day. Coach Chris Wilson shares his insights and personal struggles with time management.



"Every day is a new opportunity to make a decision to start living differently."

-Chris Wilson


Time Stamps

00:00 – The power of prioritization

1:00 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

5:38 – What is your most precious gift?

7:40 – Host Chris Wilson on why time management is the key to success

12:12 – The power of goal setting and accountability

14:14 – The importance of respecting other people’s time

20:27 – Chris gives tips to those who are struggling with time management

26:00 – Chris shares powerful bible verses about time management

29:47 – The power of valuing your time




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