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Strong By Design Podcast

Mar 16, 2022

The conversation with Dr. Boz continues as she explains why ketones are ‘better’ than carbs for sustainable fuel (logs versus pine needles) and the many ways the ketogenic diet can positively boost your brain and overall health.

And then LIVE on the show Dr. Boz and coach Chris analyze their blood with blood glucose tests and uric acid testing. How do they do?

Enjoy the conclusion to this special double episode and IF you haven’t yet listened to Ep 219 (part 1) with Dr. Boz, please go back and begin listening there!


"As a doctor the number one question I get from patients when they are faced with a scary choice in medicine today, 'Doc, what would you do?' Fight it Anyway You Can." -Dr. Boz (Annette Bosworth MD)


Time Stamps

00:17 - Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

00:41 – Dr. Boz on the difference between burning carbs vs. fat for keto fuel

9:23 – What inspired her to write a book about the power of keto diet

12:55 – Discover the benefits of keto living beyond weight loss

22:05 – Dr. Boz on boosting your metabolism with intermittent fasting and keto diet

25:06 – What makes Dr. Boz passionate about keto living

30:42 - Dr. Boz dives deep into Blood Glucose Meters and Ketone Blood Testing

39:45 – The importance of monitoring ketones

45:37 – Where you can go to connect with Dr. Boz and learn more about keto living





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