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Strong By Design Podcast

Mar 9, 2022

When you’re in a battle, you must fight it anyway you can to survive. Often our best discoveries in life come when we are faced with tremendous fear and adversity. Dr. Annette Bosworth did just that when her own mother was dying of cancer. It became her mission to find an alternative approach to chemo and radiation. She and her mother fought it with everything they had and 7 years later, Dr. Boz and her mom are still winning big against chronic health disease and cancer.

This special 2-part episode on Strong By Design shares Dr. Boz’s personal story, all that she’s learned over the years and how to achieve better physical, mental and emotional health through ketosis.


"When patients ask me how to turn around their chronic health problems, I answer, Fight it Anyway You Can." -Dr. Boz (Annette Bosworth MD)


Time Stamps

00:00 – The untold effects of a keto diet on cancer

01:11 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

4:09 – Meet Annette "Dr. Boz" Bosworth, Internal Medicine physician & author of ‘ANYWAY YOU CAN’ & ‘ketoCONTINUUM’

11:55 – Dr. Boz shares her love and passion for internal medicine

15:38 – Understanding the human brain

24:52 – Dr. Boz on what prompted her to become a doctor

29:35 – Dr. Boz recounts her discovery of ketosis and its health benefits on cancer

34:29 – Keto diet and cancer: Dr. Boz shares her patient’s cancer journey




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