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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 26, 2022

After 18 months and thousands of downloads it was time to have another conversation about the porn problem facing men today. 

The original episode aired in May 2020 and has become the #1 episode on the Strong By Design podcast show. So, we were happy to welcome back our brother Frank Rich to dig further into this taboo topic plaguing men everywhere. 

What happens when you relapse? Giving up porn for good isn’t just a simple decision requiring no accountability. And then when we mess up, what happens next?  

Chris Wilson and Mike Westerdal host this powerful Part 2 edition on SBD tackling more of the issues surrounding the porn epidemic and some of the amazing transformations Frank has had with his clients. 


"Realize that the relapse didn't just happen... a decision was made to look at pornography and a series of events led up to that moment." -Frank Rich 


Time Stamps  

00:00 – The dangers of porn addiction 

00:50 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast 

02:17 – Get to know Frank Rich of ‘The Super Human Life’ podcast 

05:04 – Frank talks about his mission to help men break free from porn addiction through the power of faith & fitness 

08:15 – Why porn addiction is a problem? 

11:33 – Understanding porn addiction relapse 

17:02 – The importance of having an accountability partner 

22:35 – Host Chris Wilson shares his personal experience with giving up porn 

25:54 – What to expect in ‘Reboot Your Life: Become a Man That Can Live Porn Free’ 

31:31 – Frank on how to break free from porn addiction 

35:44 – How to overcome addiction with dopamine detox 

45:22 – Frank shares some transformation stories 

51:49 – Rebuilt Recovery: Discover the meaning of the company’s logo 

53:25 – Where you can go to learn more about ‘Reboot Your Life: Become a Man That Can Live Porn Free’ 





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