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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 12, 2022

Over the course of 2021 the Strong By Design podcast has had some unbelievable and truly fascinating conversations with men and women all over the globe.

Our team takes great pride in the ability to discuss the most important issues facing the world today from physical fitness to the vaccine debate to finding joy in our lives and even what our poop is trying to tell us!

This episode is a tribute to the TOP 10 most memorable moments on the SBD podcast in 2021. Prepare to cry, laugh, get angry and feel joy in this week’s powerful show!


"You are Strong By Design, made in God's image to have a strong body, mind and spirit." -Team Critical Bench



Time Stamps

00:00 - Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

01:58 – Rescuing the Next Generation ft. Dr. Mike Higgins

7:18 – Team Critical Bench shares their most embarrassing moment ever

14:22 – Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time? ft. Dr. John Jaquish

19:11 – The healing power of coffee enemas and sauna therapy with ‘Creatix Solutions’ founder Eileen Durfee

22:27 – Team Critical Bench weighs in whether to get the vaccine or not

29:19 – Discover the #1 move to survive & defend yourself in any situation

34:28 – Are you mentally tough?

37:22 – As Long As It Makes You Happy... ft. Bob Brubaker & John Trebino

41:10 – Understanding your gut and bowel movements with Dr. Ann Marie Barter

49:22 – Could an Eye Exam SAVE YOUR LIFE? ft. Dr. Travis Zigler

57:10 – The Bootstrap Billionaire: Randy Davis speaks about his journey from a poor working-class family to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur

1:07:59 – Key takeaways from the episode



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