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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 5, 2022

The struggle is seriously real when it comes to eating clean, working out consistently and developing healthy, sustainable habits. And few people understand this like today’s guest, the Educated Dieter, Will Grazione.

Will is a pro natural bodybuilder with over 10 years of experience helping people transform their lives by providing his diet and nutrition expertise. His super power along with his brilliant team of top-level coaches is actually educating his clients so that they are taught the foundational skills they need for a lifetime of healthy living and physical transformation.

Hosts Mike Westerdal and Chris Wilson sit down with their friend and coach to share Will’s love and passion for helping people along with their own personal journey working with him.

"If anybody was ever to tell you, 'Hey, cut all this out!' chances are they are taking you down a slippery slope road." -Will Grazione

Time Stamps

00:00 - Welcome to the 'Strong by Design' podcast

01:06 - Meet 'The Educated Dieter's' CEO, Will Grazione 

03:44 - Will recounts where his love and passion for fitness comes from

11:16 - Will on helping people reach their health and fitness goals

14:13 - Will talks about one of his most impressive client transformations

20:29 - Will discusses what kinds of clients he works with, and how he can help them

22:30 - Will talks about the lessons learned from bodybuilding experience

30:05 - Mike Westerdal and Chris Wilson's personal experiences with 'The Educated Dieter's' fat loss program

38:36 - The secret to sustainable fat loss

42:30 - The importance of tracking your macros

43:56 - Why food is not the enemy

51:14 - Will gives tips to improve your body composition

55:43 - The power of sleep

1:00:18 - Mike and Chris talk about their respective fat loss experiences through 'The Educated Dieter'

1:10:14 - Connect with Will Grazione through his social media channels, official website and podcast channel




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