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Strong By Design Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

What does ‘gratitude’ mean to you?

How often in life do you focus on the blessings and show appreciation to those who mean the most to you?

This one emotion can be life changing if you allow yourself to live in the present and see the world for its beauty. It’s what makes us truly human and provides much needed perspective.

In today’s episode on Strong By Design co-host Chris Wilson discusses the power of gratitude with friends and colleagues Samanatha Harrison and Kristen Dixon. Giving thanks and praise for every breath we take, for every day we have and for our connection to nature and our relationships helps give true meaning to our lives.


"Gratitude comes in all different forms. We need to slow down a bit to acknowledge and embrace it in order to show [gratitude] to others. -Kristen Dixon


 Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

4:25 – Team Critical Bench on what does it really mean to be grateful

11:36 – Why little things in life matter the most

14:28 – Ways to practice gratitude

21:06 – Host Chris Wilson shares bible verses that remind us to be grateful

25:50 – Is it possible to feel grateful and sad at the same time?

30:22 – How gratitude helps you get a better night’s sleep

34:32 – Team Critical Bench reveals the no. 1 thing they are most grateful for

40:40 – Key takeaways from the episode


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