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Strong By Design Podcast

Sep 29, 2021

What’s the underlying quality that highly successful people have? It’s not finances, it’s not education, talents or skills.

It’s their unshakeable commitment to a desired outcome… in other words, consistency.

Staying the course is not an easy thing to do but if you’re searching for greatness in anything that you do, that grit, that determination is what separates you from the pack.

It’s something our guest today, Cody McBroom, refers to as relentless consistency. Listen in as co-host Chris Wilson has an in-depth conversation that could move the needle in your personal and professional life.


"If you have an end goal it means you want change, you want something different than what you have right now." -Cody McBroom


Time Stamps

0:24 - Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast


2:20 – Meet the ‘Tailored Coaching Method’s’ founder & CEO, Cody McBroom


14:42 – Cody on helping others reach their fitness goals


17:20 – Cody dives deep into how to become relentlessly consistent


26:14 – Discover the key to achieving your goals


30:26 – The power of taking action


36:06 – Cody on the importance of showing yourself grace


41:14 – Why accountability is so important


47:25 – Understanding goal tracking


54:20 – Cody talks about his '80-10-10' rule


1:04:28 – Connect with Cody McBroom through his social media channels, official website and podcast




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