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Strong By Design Podcast

Sep 22, 2021

You are meant for BIG things. We are all blessed with gifts to share with the world.

But unfortunately, life can be noisy and knock us out of alignment with our purpose, our passion and our Creator.

In this Spirit filled conversation, our guest today, Christine Jewell, shares her renewed purpose with Warriors of the Heart and her brand-new podcast, The Untamed Life.

Christine opens up with co-host Chris Wilson about unlocking what’s in your heart so that you will find Deep Love, Wild Adventure and a Calling that lights your soul on FIRE.


"There's so much noise out there... the battleground is in your mind but make no mistake, the heart is the gateway to the soul." -Christine Jewell


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcome to the ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

4:18 – Get to know high performance coach & spiritual mentor, Christine Jewell

8:22 – Christine recounts the birth of her holistic health and wellness facility

13:49 – Is it possible to experience breakthroughs without having to burn things down?

20:42 – Rocks, Pebbles, Sand: The importance of focusing on what matters most

26:33 – Shifting mindsets: The power of positive self-talk

32:26 – Christine talks about tapping into the power of your heart

40:25 – The importance of connecting with your inner self

43:11 – What happens when we reconnect with nature?

47:57 – The importance of giving yourself grace

57:00 – Christine talks about the ‘Warriors of the Heart’ movement, and ‘The Untamed Life’ podcast

1:04:28 – Where you can go to connect with Christine Jewell




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