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Strong By Design Podcast

Sep 8, 2021

You’re never defeated. There’s always a way back. Look inward and look upward for the strength to overcome your toughest days.

Everyone loves a good ole’ fashioned comeback story, especially the team here on the Strong By Design show. Lifelong weight lifter John Self loves a good competition and performing at his very best. But a career ending pectoral tear 5 years ago seemed to be the end of his powerlifting competition days.

Through faith in God and in himself, John persevered and reclaimed his greatness as a World Record Holder lifting more than double his bodyweight in RAW competition.


"It wasn't a giving up thing or a quitting thing... It was just me thinking I'm definitely done now, no more crazy bench pressing." -John Self


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

3:56 – Get to know John Self

6:18 – The power of praising God in difficult times

7:50 – John recounts his comeback after a catastrophic injury

11:39 – Discover John’s journey back to bench pressing + setting a new raw bench press world record

21:25 – John on what the path to becoming a world record holder looks like

25:55 – John shares how his wife and son got into the world of bench pressing

32:15 – What’s next for John?

37:49 – The truth about supplements

47:04 – Connect with John Self through his social media channels


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