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Strong By Design Podcast

Jul 28, 2021

Dr. Frank Turek is a Christian Apologist, author of several best-selling books, an active public speaker on college campuses and churches all over the country and he's a radio/podcast host on American Family Radio.

The BIG question that we will answer in today's podcast episode: How are Christians and even non-Christians supposed to respond when pressured to agree with ideologies that are often unloving, unbiblical and harmful from the outspoken cancel culture?

Co-host Chris Wilson has an open and honest conversation with Frank, who is also the founder and president of Cross a Christian apologetics ministry. His mission with Cross is to defend and present evidence-based truths about Christianity and the Gospel in a loving and respectful way... to bring people to Christ and in many cases back to Christ and restore hope.


"Without God there is no objective right and wrong, everything is just a matter of opinion." -Dr. Frank Turek


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

3:12 – The untold truth about the ‘Cancel Culture’

10:47 – Why telling the truth matters

16:06 – Dr. Frank Turek on what does unity in diversity mean

20:43 – Understanding God’s morality and authority

29:19 – Agape love: What is it and what does it mean

33:40 –Dr. Frank’s advice on how to protect yourself from ‘Cancel Culture’

37:09 – Get to know Dr. Frank more

44:12 – Where you can go to connect with Dr. Frank Turek




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