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Strong By Design Podcast

Jul 14, 2021

If podcasting is something you’ve been curious about but wanted to know more, this episode on Strong By Design is absolutely for you. It all comes down to having a unique message to share with the world sprinkled with a lot of passion, insight and often times a bit of humor.

Luis Diaz from the Podcast Domination Show joins co-host Chris Wilson. This special episode is a long time coming as Luis was the catalyst for the SBD show to launch. After spending the day together at an event in Orlando, FL - 2018, Chris (SPEC OPS) and founder of Critical Bench Mike Westerdal had a conversation that gave rise to the Strong By Design show just a few months later.

Luis provided the answers to basic questions like what you’ll hear in this conversation today which was all it took to get going. Now this show is reaching and helping people all over the globe and generating thousands of downloads per week. Get ready for some serious podcast knowledge bombs… time to take action!!


"I've always been good at being a bridge and being a connector. The podcasting thing came easy to me because it was my personality." -Luis Diaz



Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

5:16 – Meet ‘The Podcast Domination’ CEO, Luis Diaz

8:23 – Luis recounts how he got into the podcast industry

13:10 – How to start a podcast from scratch

22:50 – Podcast metrics: Measuring your content’s success

26:40 – Host Chris and Luis share their favorite podcast shows

32:02 – Is it worth starting a podcast?

38:16 – The importance of your podcast audio quality

42:16 – Things to consider when recording a podcast

48:49 – Luis on what makes a good podcast

52:50 – Luis on helping others launch and grow their own podcasts

55:40 – Characteristics of a good podcast host

58:56 – How long should your podcast episodes be?

1:03:16 – Where you can go to connect with Luis Diaz





Connect w/ Luis:


Connect w/ CriticalBench: