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Strong By Design Podcast

May 22, 2021

When his infant daughter continued to be sick experiencing far too many trips to the hospital, it was then that today’s guest took it upon himself to discover WHY her gut wasn’t improving.

Several years later, he is the founder and owner of a collagen only supplement company, CB Supplements, that is helping people young and old get healthier, stronger and reinvigorated.

Sometimes in life we are thrust into a mission to serve someone close to us that we love and in doing that, we can end up serving the world.

With that same passion and determination, our special guest today, Charlie Bailes, shares his amazing journey with co-host Chris Wilson. Charlie is also a dedicated husband, father of 3, health enthusiast, CrossFitter and loves his Florida Gators!


"Restore, reinvigorate and support digestive health. Collagen is not the silver bullet, it's part of the pie." -Charlie Bailes


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming CB Supplements' Founder & CEO Charlie Bailes on ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

6:02 – How his daughter’s health battle pushed him to start a supplement company

13:21 – Gut health: What is it, why it is important and how to improve it

22:05 – Charlie takes a deep dive into the digestive system

26:40 – Charlie on why collagen is good for you

31:16 – Signs of digestive problems

36:03 – The role of collagen in your skin, hair and digestive health

42:15 – Charline on what makes CB Supplements different

47:33 – Key takeaways from the episode




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