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Strong By Design Podcast

May 19, 2021

Zander Fryer, best-selling author, internationally renowned speaker, and world traveler, is more than just a corporate dropout. After quitting his successful corporate career at age 27, Zander launched his company, High Impact Coaching, to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to build successful businesses while adding value to the world.

From ZERO to 6 figures in 3 months and 7 figures in 12, his training now impacts over 50,000 people in 22 different countries and at more than 300 organizations.

A mentor to millionaires, Grammy-winning artists, and bestselling authors alike, he is praised as “the next generation leader” by #1 best-selling author Jack Canfield and regarded as “unstoppable” by the president of Massively Human Leadership, Kathleen Seeley. Zander’s passion to drive the next generation of leaders and shake this world up is creating a movement.

Referred to as ‘The Coach of Coaches’ and along with co-host Mike Westerdal, a fellow 100 Million Mastermind Experience Member, get ready for a high impact conversation with today’s very special guest on Strong by Design.


"Our brains are 95% subconscious. This programming dictates a majority of our lives... our outcomes, actions and how we feel." -Zander Fryer


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming High Impact Coaching’s CEO Zander Fryer on ‘Strong by Design’ podcast

2:10 – Why Zander quit his corporate career to start his own company

9:55 – Stepping into fear: Zander on finding the courage to pursue your dream

14:10 – How the schooling system is turning students into robots

21:06 – Why college is not for everyone

25:49 – Zander gives tips on how to find clarity and true purpose in life

32:00 – The power of finding out what you’re good at

33:48 – The difference between stress and worry

41:01 – Why keeping promises you make to yourself is important

44:15 – The power of belief

50:21 – Where you can go to connect with Zander Fryer





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