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Strong By Design Podcast

May 15, 2021

Good and bad nutritional habits are developed during our formative years in youth sports. From adolescence to young adulthood, we are faced with food choices every day. For athletes, the fuel that they use significantly dictates performance on the field or on the court.

Our guest today, Steve Konopka, along with longtime friend and co-host Mike Westerdal, uncovers 6 of the biggest nutrition mistakes youth athletes make that impacts both how they feel and perform and what parents and coaches can do to help.

Now Steve owns Strength N Honor Training Facility which currently has 2 locations.

Steve is from West Hartford CT and lives in Simsbury CT with his wife and two sons. He went to CCSU where he played football with Mike Westerdal and pursued a degree in exercise science. Steve went on to a brief stint in the NFL with the New York Giants and then played Arena Football for 8 years.


"Refueling on the way home (from sports) is simple and easy and helps them unwind and gives them something to look forward to." -Steve Konopka


Time Stamps

0:24 – Meet Steve Konopka, head Strength and Athletic conditioning coach and owner of Strength N Honor Training Facility

2:30 – Steve shares his experience and thoughts on training youth athletes

7:46 – Discover the most important meal for youth athletes

14:29 – The cons of processed foods

17:05 – Steve on why parents should not use processed foods as reward

20:35 – Macronutrients 101: What is it and why you should track it

26:06 – Post-workout recovery: Steve on what to eat after a competition

32:02 – Steve on why kids should not diet, and what to do instead

35:45 – Vitamin supplements: Do kids really need them?

38:45 – The importance of hydration for youth athletes

41:10 – Steve gives tips on how to gain weight healthily

53:00 – Connect with Steve Konopka through his social media channels, official website




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