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Strong By Design Podcast

Apr 14, 2021

The words you use when you speak to yourself matter immensely.

We can be our own best friend or worst critic. And before anyone else in the world can make a difference in our lives, WE have to realize it all begins with the relationship we have with ourselves.

What we tell ourselves, what we see in the mirror and how we truly feel about our bodies counts more than anyone else. It holds far more weight than most of us realize.

Yet we are quick to blow that off as if it’s not critical to our own well-being and instead focus on the words and feelings of others. Ultimately this approach backfires as we begin to believe what we see and hear from the world around us.

Today coach Chris Wilson sits down with fat loss coach and former fitness model Becky Fox to tackle the topic of self-love and how we speak to ourselves.


"The more we tell ourselves negative things the more we're going to believe it." -Becky Fox


Time Stamps

0:24 - Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast

4:24 – Get to know Fat Loss Coach Becky Fox

8:01 – Extreme exercise: Why too much exercise may be a bad thing

14:28 – Becky shares fitness journey, struggles with weight-loss

21:10 – Self-talk: Why you must be careful about what you say to yourself

26:00 – The importance of having a support system

29:40 – The power of baby steps

35:55 – Becky on helping women look and feel their best through fitness and nutrition program

42:30 – Discover the secret to fitness success

50:10 – Becky on how does age affect your fitness

1:00:07 – Connect with Coach Becky through her social media channels, official website




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