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Strong By Design Podcast

Feb 17, 2021

Are you passionately living each day?

Unfortunately, a lot of people are clock punchers… they show up, go through the motions of work and life and then punch out for the day. REPEAT.

They’re not truly living a life they love, merely existing.

But not Mike Wahl.

Dr. Mike Wahl is a health and wellness entrepreneur, University Professor, radio host and international speaker. He’s profoundly passionate about bringing tangible health results to the masses and has done so for nearly two decades.

If you’re in need of some inspiration from a man that is living large and truly changing the world, then you’re in for a real treat on today’s episode of the Strong By Design show.

Coach Chris Wilson gets FIRED UP with longtime friend Mike Wahl from the WAHL Show podcast.


"Now I get to infuse some of that wellness and exercise into the next generation of doctors." -Mike Wahl


Time Stamps

0:24 - Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast

3:18 – Get to know Mike Wahl of ‘The WAHL Show’ podcast

6:14 – Mike Wahl and Chris Wilson reminisce about their glory days

12:34 – Mike takes us back to the early days of his business

18:40 – Mike recounts business’ growth and impact on community

24:12 – Discover Mike’s energy and passion for health and fitness

28:55 - How his dad has inspired him to shed light on pancreatic cancer

36:15 – Ways to donate and raise awareness for pancreatic cancer

39:20 – Mike Wahl, PhD, shares his career journey as a professor of Clinical Anatomy (BioMed)

43:26 – How Mike started ‘The WAHL Show’

47:27 – Connect with Mike Wahl through his social media channels




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