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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 27, 2021

What if just a couple incredibly simple, free techniques that you could begin including into your daily routine brought you back to where you started to feel more balanced, calmer AND … the weight started to melt off and your sex life became enjoyable again?

In today’s episode Dr. Anna Cabeca and Coach Tonya get RAW and REAL about the necessity of making self-care your priority during menopause.  Nothing is off-limits in this conversation! 

From much needed time-outs, to staying more alkaline, to keeping things amazing in the bedroom, Coach Tonya and Dr. Anna discuss what you can be doing RIGHT NOW to start working with what is going on with your body during menopause instead of fighting it.

Why struggle unnecessarily when you can be THRIVING through the process?!


"I was struggling and started taking care of myself. What is my one next right step? I kept on doing this for myself." -Dr Anna Cabeca


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast

1:39 – Menopause 101: Does it really have to be a battle?

6:10 – Dr. Anna Cabeca gives tips on how to manage menopause weight-gain

10:49 – Importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during menopause

16:09 – The link between menopause and chemical exposure

25:06 – Why menopause is a blessing in disguise

33:53 – Importance of pH in everyday life

36:18 – How Dr. Anna Cabeca got the nickname ‘The Girlfriend Doctor

41:59 – Why open communication is important for a healthy relationship

47:10 – Dr. Anna Cabeca talks about reclaiming relationship intimacy through renewed sexual health

56:00 - Connect with Dr. Anna Cabeca through her social media channels and official website




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