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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 13, 2021

Men listen up, you may be thinking that menopause is strictly an issue for women but this episode will have you thinking differently.  

If you are married or in a relationship than you will experience menopause from a very different perspective than your wife … you are essentially “team support.”  And this job can leave you feeling every bit as crazy as your wife may be feeling at times. 

Whether you are in that phase of life that your wife is experiencing this now, or not, how great would it be to have a few survival tips to help you navigate this transition with your wife in the best possible way. 

In this episode, Coach Mike sits down with holistic health practitioner Tonya Fines to talk about the ways that all of us men can be as supportive as possible, during a transition that we really do not know a whole lot about.  If you are ALL IN, in doing your part to keep things as smooth and crisis-free as possible during this time, then you don’t want to miss what Tonya has to share with all of us.


"They're already feeling very very vulnerable and no matter what they do, it's not working." -Tonya Fines


 Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast

1:24 – Menopause: When it begins, early symptoms, and more

4:10 – Tonya Fines talks about determining menopause age

7:10 – The hormonal transitions in a woman’s life

9:53 – Men’s guide to menopause: How to support partners during the transition

16:22 – Intimacy during menopause: What to expect

19:48 – The power of listening to understand

29:04 – The importance of learning your partner’s love language

34:25 – How long does menopause last?

44:38 – ‘The Menopause Rescue Protocol’ and other resources



  • The Menopause Rescue Protocol


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