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Strong By Design Podcast

Jan 6, 2021

Real, raw fitness and strength talk from the #1 rated Fitness podcast in the world.

Prepare yourselves for the men of MIND PUMP.

Sal, Adam and Justin join coach Chris Wilson on the Strong By Design podcast. The guys go deep on their beginnings and friendship, their passion for helping others and open up about their favorite lifts, fatherhood, gym pet peeves and most embarrassing moments as trainers.

Get ready to be PUMPED UP and have a few intense belly laughs on this week’s special episode recorded at Mind Pump Media in San Jose, CA.


"It's why we do this! [changing people's lives] We didn't make a single cent for an entire year!" Sal Di Stefano


Time Stamps

0:25 – Welcoming today’s special guests on the ‘Strong By Design’ podcast


2:05 – Get to know Adam Schafer of the ‘Mind Pump’ podcast


9:05 – The ‘Mind Pump’ team share what drives them to create podcast content


12:05 – Sal Di Stefano recounts how he fell in love with fitness


17:15 – Justin Andrews talks about his passion for health and fitness


24:04 – The ‘Mind Pump’ team share their favorite exercises


32:16 – Sal, Adam & Justin talk about the ‘Dad Bod’


43:11 – The importance of good posture


44:58 – Sal, Adam & Justin share special moment with their kids


58:13 – The ‘Mind Pump’ team share their biggest pet peeves + most embarrassing moment as trainers


1:11:18 – What is MAPS Fitness Products?


1:22:13 – Sal, Adam & Justin share what’s next for the ‘Mind Pump’ team


1:28:02 – Where you can go to connect with the ‘Mind Pump’ team




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