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Strong By Design Podcast

Nov 4, 2020

Overcomer: a person who overcomes something : one who succeeds in dealing with or gaining control of some problem or difficulty. Merriam-Webster

Charles Clark, a 10-Time All American and 3-Time National Champion by the age of 22. Considered the 6th fastest man in the world at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin, Germany, Charles was living the dream on the outside. A thriving, highly successful athlete on the exterior but on the inside, he was “barely pounding the surface.”

After a 99% tear of his right quad muscle, his days of World Class sprinting were over instantly. It was time for Charles to go in a new direction.

This new direction has created more opportunity and breakthroughs than he could have possibly imagined. Now a highly sought-after speaker, coach and entrepreneur, Charles’ impact in the world has transcended anything he ever did on the track. Coach Chris interviews Charles Clark on this episode of Strong By Design.


"Who you are in failure is not what's going to make you a different person, but it's what's going to expose the person you are." -Charles Clark


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming today’s guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast

2:53 – Charles Clark shares his life’s story

6:25 – The power of surrounding yourself with the right people

13:45 – Charles Clark on rebounding from career setbacks

20:51 – Why everything happens for a reason

24:10 – What it means to serve God by serving others

31:10 – The ‘Thrive Tribe’ podcast with Charles Clark

33:13 – Why you should never stop learning

35:00 – Charles Clark shares what’s next for him, future plans

43:12 – The value of taking ownership in your life

45:48 – Where you can go to connect with Charles Clark




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