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Strong By Design Podcast

Oct 7, 2020

Anthony DiClementi has had his own serious health challenges and these experiences have given him a unique skill set and perspective to FIX his body with ‘unconventional’ methods.

He believes that the conventional advice we are all given on how to live a better life is incorrect and that biohacking is the right solution.

His first book, The Biohacker’s Guide, released in 2016, is essentially an owner’s manual for your body.

Apparently, he is right in this because entrepreneurs and top executives are following his methods successfully.

Prepare to be enlightened and wowed as Holistic Health Practitioner Tonya Fines picks Anthony’s brain about the world of biohacking for optimal health and wellness.


"Everyone wishes for a better life... you have to be willing to do hard things and that turns a lot of people off." -Anthony DiClementi


Time Stamps

0:25 – Get to know today’s special guest, Anthony DiClementi

2:57 – Anthony DiClementi shares how he got into biohacking

6:05 – The power of the mind to heal the body

10:25 – Biohacking 101: What is it and how it works?

15:35 – The importance of mind-body-spirit connection

21:23 – Anthony DiClementi talks about learning from the extremes

23:06 - Why he believes there are NO incurable diseases

32:27 – Ways to overcome resistance

38:57 – The art of biohacking: Tips to improve your overall well-being

43:58 – Anthony DiClementi shares his typical daily diet

48:30 – Anthony DiClementi talks about controlled substances and its health benefits

52:25 – Where you can go to connect with Anthony DiClementi




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