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Strong By Design Podcast

Sep 9, 2020

We are living in a culture of sex.

It’s everywhere we look, on magazine covers, in prime time tv shows, and everywhere on social media. With so many people giving in to their physical sexual desires, it’s no wonder why committed relationships, marriage and remaining faithful is harder than ever before.

Our guest today, Rob Kowalksi, has lived on both sides of the ‘sex before marriage’ debate. From a self-proclaimed bad boy, male stripper and nightclub promoter to giving his life to Christ and abstaining from sex, Rob is reaching people all over the world struggling to control their urge for non-commitment sex.

His mess has become his message. Listen to his shocking testimony that shines a light on the issue of sex outside of marriage and how destructive it can become.



"I look back and yeah, I had so much fun... but a lot of my friends didn't make it out, they died early." -Rob Kowalski



Time Stamps

0:24 – Get to know today’s special guest, Rob Kowalski

3:45 – Rob Kowalski recounts childhood memory, how he got into stripping

7:33 – How his life changed after an encounter with God

14:12 – Rob Kowalski recounts hearing God’s voice

20:57 – Rob Kowalski on living a life of excess

28:39 – The importance of your sphere of influence

30:20 – Sex before marriage: Yes or No?

35:51 – The power of community

40:21 – CityFam: Changing lives through the power of community

46:35 – Connect with Rob Kowalski through his social media channels and official website





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