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Strong By Design Podcast

Aug 26, 2020

Now more than ever, humanity needs peace, the kind of peace that surpasses all understanding. 

Strong By Design cohosts Mike Westerdal and Samantha Harrison chat with Erwin McManus on his newest book, “The Way of the Warrior” which takes us on a journey through several “codes” that will lead us on the path of wisdom to inner peace. 

In this episode you'll discover how to master your mind, step into your fear, and rise above the pain to find inner peace. Erwin is a thought leader, author, founder & pastor of Mosaic in Los Angeles, fashion designer and Clippers fan. You don’t want to miss this episode.


"Stop opting out of your optimal life! God created you to step into pain and rise above it." -Erwin McManus


Time Stamps

0:25 – Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast

2:25 – Erwin McManus talks about his new book

7:20 – Why controlling how you react to the situation matters

13:50 – Erwin McManus gives tips that can help with anxiety and depression

18:55 – The power of seeing the beauty in everything

24:03 – The importance of acknowledging all your emotions

31:05 – Erwin McManus on stepping into your pain

40:21 – The difference between fame and greatness

46:27 – Erwin McManus on what servant leadership really means

52:45 – How to become the master of your own mind

58:13 – The importance of taking ownership of your life

1:03:28 – Erwin McManus shares his thoughts on the racial tensions

1:13:05 – Erwin McManus gives words of encouragement to those struggling with life challenges

1:17:18 – Where you can go to connect with Erwin McManus




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