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Strong By Design Podcast

Aug 12, 2020

IFBB Pro Mitchell Spadafore opens up about his life as a bodybuilder.

A young man in his early 20’s, Mitchell has already tasted success as a pro level men’s physique bodybuilder. And up until this point, he’s done it naturally.

Mitchell joins the SBD show with host Chris Wilson to talk about his childhood, his passion for bodybuilding, the mentality and discipline you need for this sport and what exactly those months leading up to being stage ready look like.


"You're not supposed to look excellent all the time. It's really crazy how much the body can transform simply from a pump!" -Mitchell Spadafore


Time Stamps

0:24 – Welcoming today’s special guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast

2:50 – Get to know IFBB Pro Mitchell Spadafore more

7:53 – The importance of nutrition in bodybuilding

11:29 – Cardiovascular training for bodybuilders

16:42 – How to maintain muscle while cutting?

23:43 – Mitchell Spadafore shares his thoughts on performance-enhancing drugs

30:38 – Benefits of tracking food

37:30 – The power of a mental shift

42:01 – Mitchell Spadafore shares routine, preparation ahead of bodybuilding competition

53:54 – The impact of knowing your ‘WHY’

1:00:42 – The importance of posing practice

1:07:22 – What to eat and drink right before a bodybuilding competition

1:15:14 –Mitchell Spadafore talks about post-show preparations

1:22:38 – Where you can go to connect with Mitchell Spadafore


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