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Strong By Design Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

Are you fit for the kingdom?

Pastor, podcaster, personal trainer and holistic health coach Trent Holbert joins the Strong By Design show from the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

Trent is doing some amazing things for God’s kingdom and approaches his ministry in a holistic way focusing on the spiritual, physical and emotional health of his congregation.

This holistic mindset provides his church a balanced message of hope and accountability that many children of God will not hear on Sunday morning. Coach Chris Wilson hosts and questions Trent about this ‘Whole Person’ approach to our walk with God.


Time Stamps

0:25 – Welcoming today’s special guest

2:36 – Get to know Pastor Trent Holbert and his ministry

5:49 – Pastor Trent Holbert recounts what it’s like growing up with a strong belief in God

10:42 – Keeping the Faith in college

14:55 – Why young families return to church

21:08 – Pastor Trent Holbert recounts the early days of his pastoring

25:51 – What led him to embrace a holistic approach in ministry

32:32 – What does the Bible say about taking care of our health?

42:26 – How Pastor Trent Holbert’s ‘The Fit For the Kingdom’ podcast started

49:41 – Where you can go to connect with Pastor Trent Holbert


"I became very frustrated. There was a people in our community that wasn't being reached." -Trent Holbert




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